The Importance of Homewatch

Homewatch – Who, What, When and Why?

What exactly is Homewatch?  Who does it, when it should be done and why are vitally important questions to know the answers to, so let’s investigate:

WHO….  Homewatch is someone that watches over your home and property when you are out of town.  That could be a neighbor, your housekeeper, your pet sitter, or a professional who is experienced in homewatch.  Yes, Homewatch requires experience!  The decision of who you choose to watch over your home comes down to what you are willing to risk by choosing someone who is inexperienced.

WHAT…. Homewatch is an inspection of your home while you are away.  It requires someone who knows what they are looking for and who can notice the signs of underlying issues that may result in more costly repairs, like window and roof leaks.  Maybe you are out of town during specific times of year, so preparation for and clean up after severe weather could be a necessity.  The person you choose should be able to handle all situations so that you have peace of mind while you are away.

WHEN…  Generally, Homewatch is a weekly inspection of your home and property, but sometimes more frequently depending on the situation.

WHY…  Leaving your home without a set of eyes for any period of time, whether that be for a 1-week vacation or a 6-mth seasonal absence, can result in your coming home to a situation you weren’t expecting.  Roof or window leaks, break-in, power outage, air condition not working or severe storms are all prime examples of potential issue.  Homewatch can help ensure these situations are seen and taken care of quickly.

LotzCo, Inc. is more than just a homewatch company, we are a licensed and insured residential contractor.  We not only know what we are looking for during our homewatch inspections, but with decades of experience building, renovating and remodeling homes we know how to get the problems fixed quickly, accurately and cost effectively.  By choosing LotzCo, you get the highest level of experience with no additional cost.

Why would a residential contractor be doing homewatch?  Read more ABOUT US and our core value of long term relationships.