Areas of Expertise


There are many reasons to renovate a home.  From refreshing with a new look, updating an aging home, or a new residence that needs to be transformed into your new home.  It could entail a single room or an entire home.  Regardless of size and depth of your renovation needs, LotzCo can help bring your vision to life.  Our experience and hands-on approach will ensure your project is stress-free from start to finish with minimal disruption to your daily routine.  We accomplish this through advanced planning, careful scheduling and communication. 

LotzCo ensures that any subcontractor stepping foot on your property is licensed and properly insured for both General Liability and Workers’ Compensation.  We require our subcontractors to not only provide actual proof of insurance, but they are also required to provide updated certificates at each renewal period. 

We also help to protect you from subcontractor lien rights, by ensuring all payments are made in exchange for a partial or final release of lien. 

Our Project Supervisory services are perfect for the client who wants to handle their own project, and work with their own subcontractors, but needs a little experience by their side to help them through it. 

 LotzCo can guide you, communicate your options, and arm you with the information you need to manage your project.  Hiring us to be your Project Supervisor provides the security of knowing you have someone in your corner with YOUR best interests in mind at all times. 


Asking a friend or housekeeper to watch after your home when you leave town for season, or even just vacation, is like asking the landscaper to cut your hair. Don’t leave your home in the hands of someone who is inexperienced, and doesn’t have the knowledge or ability to address issues quickly and before they become costly.

LotzCo has been providing Homewatch Services since 1996.  We are the oldest Homeatch company in Palm Beach Gardens and will ensure your peace of mind when you leave town.

Weekly Homewatch provides complete interior and exterior inspections, such as:

    • Ceiling exam for roof leaks
    • Window returns and sills for water intrusion
    • Run water for potential plumbing leaks inside cabinets
    • Verify refrigerator and freezer are running
    • Check for tripped breakers from power outages
    • Visual Landscape maintenance and irrigation issues
    • Observations of pool maintenance, equipment and low water levels
    • Air conditioning thermostat and humidistat function
    • Bring in mail and newspapers

Preparation for seasonal arrival begins 2-wks prior to your return. This allows us to begin getting your house ready, and time to ensure requested services are completed before you return: 

    • Turn on ice maker
    • Dump 1st round of ice, so you have fresh ice upon arrival
    • Turn down Air Conditioner
    • Turn up hot water heater temperature
    • Turn on HWH Recirculation pump
    • Acceptance of vehicles shipped down, if needed
    • Interior housecleaning, if requested
    • Window and mirror cleaning, if requested
    • Pressure cleaning of pavers, if requested

Close down for seasonal departure will ensure your home is ready for your extended time away:

    • Bring in garbage cans from your last pickup
    • Ensure all doors and windows are locked
    • Dump ice and turn off ice maker
    • Empty bug attracting pantry items into refrigerator
    • Turn down hot water heater temperature
    • Turn off HWH Recirculation pump
    • Unplug golf cart
    • Turn off water

Hurricane Preparation to give your home the best chance for minimal damage:

    • Bring in patio furniture
    • Close Accordion shutters
    • Inspection and reporting after the storm
    • Photo’s of damage for insurance claims 

Hurricane Inspection and Cleanup after the storm (only for current homewatch clients):

    • Open Accordion shutters
    • Inspection and reporting after the storm
    • Photo’s of damage for insurance claims
    • Meet insurance adjusters for inspection of damage
    • Assist in finding subcontractors to make repairs, if needed

Additional Services:

    • Providing access to others
    • Mail forwarding, if needed
    • Accept delivery of packages and drop off at the house
    • Emergency alarm response after hours


Selling or buying a home?  If so, you can expect the infamous inspection report will need to be taken care of.  Inspection Reports can be lengthy and extensive, sometimes even overwhelming.  Many will overcharge for these repairs because homeowners are vulnerable and willing to pay more in order to ensure the sale goes through.  So don’t stress, call us. 

LotzCo has been working with homeowners and real estate agents for years to help complete the repairs needed before closing.  We understand these reports and what it takes to to get the repairs completed.  So while others use this opportunity to take advantage of stressful time, you will never experience that with us.  Our core values are in build long term relationships, so we will provide you (or your client) with a fair price to get this work done quickly, and accurately the first time. 


Every home needs things fixed now and again.  While many of these things can be taken care of by a handyman,  we have learned that many either don’t know how to do the repairs properly or simply choose to take shortcuts.  These errors don’t come to light until well after they leave and getting them back to fix their mistakes is next to impossible.  

On countless occasions, LotzCo has been called in to correct repairs made by inexperienced handyman.  Why?  Because a handyman in Florida is not required to carry a License, or maintain any level of experience that meets Florida Building codes.  As the saying goes… “you get what you pay for”.  

Lotzco, Inc. has even helped many clients find the root of a problem and finally putting an end to unnecessary stress and expense of bring in different people who all “knew” what was wrong, and overcharged for a correction, that ultimately did not fix the problem.  Give us a call and let us prove the benefit of having us in your corner.

Working with Lotzco guarantees that you will have an experienced, licensed contractor supervising or performing the work without paying anything extra for that level of experience.  Some of the many things we help our clients with:

    • Rotted door jamb repairs
    • Cleaning of gutters
    • Picture hanging
    • Shelving installation
    • Door handle replacement
    • Ring Doorbell installation or removal
    • Garage floor painting
    • Ceiling fan replacement
    • Dimmer switch installation
    • Garbage disposal replacement

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to help reduce the potential for damage or unnecessary home repairs is by performing regular maintenance, but who has time for that?  We do…

While our experience far surpasses preventive maintenance, our core values are built on building long term relationships with our clients, which is why we will be there for all our client’s needs, regardless of the job size.  LotzCo provides their clients with the peace of mind in knowing that their home is being maintained by an experienced, licensed contractor who has built thousands of homes from the ground up.

Lotzco, Inc. has helped many clients identify a minor maintenance issue that would have eventually resulted in costly repairs, by not being addressed early.