End of Season Reminders

As another season comes to an end, here are five important departure reminders.

1.  Provide your dates – With all that you have going on, don’t forget to tell us what day you will be leaving.  If you plan to return intermittently, please remember to provide us with at least 48-hrs advance notice of your arrival so we can prepare your home for you.

2.  Seasonal Close Down Checklist – Not sure what you need to do before you leave.  No worries.  We have provided a quick checklist of things that you should take care of in preparation of your departure and the things that you don’t need to worry about because we will handle it for you.  Click here for a downloadable checklist.

3.  Seasonal Close Down Procedures – This provides detail about each item on your list of things to do before you leave.  This will allow you to fully understand the purpose and decide what is important and necessary for you.  Click here for downloadable procedures.

4.  Security Clearance – Make sure that your community’s security service has us on your permanent access list with the authority to provide access to others.  Should there be any issues and we need to bring someone in for repairs, we will need to have the ability to authorize their access to your property.  Please contact us for a form letter, should you need to provide them with one.

5.  Hurricane Preparations – See the detailed list of five important hurricane preparations you should consider before leaving town: Five Important Hurricane Preparations

We hope that you had a wonderful time in Paradise!  Safe travels to your Northern home and we look forward to your return next season.